1. 2013 Year in Review

    Loyal Followers and Dearest Stalkers (jk) - 

    I continue to do a shit job at updating this blog, but google analytics indicates that you still check up on me from time to time which makes me smile (and kinda creeps me out), and I just wanna say THANKS!

    2013 was a busy year filled with endless travels for both work and leisure. I’ve started to wear the same pieces over and over again and just styling them differently because that’s what you do when you’re poor I’m creative like that. 

    Instead of blogging about what I wear on a daily basis, I usually send photos of my OOTD to the girls (mainly EK, GC, AS, YB, EP) as well as outfit options when I can’t decide on what to wear (should I go for “dammmmn she a HO” or “she a ho, but she a classy ho” look tonight? help girls!!). 

    Anyway, here are some snaps I sent their way throughout 2013:



    Summertime chic. I love this dress (I also have it in black). It’s so loose and flowy. You can easily hide a pregnancy under this bad boy. 


    Typical errand running outfit when I kind of give a damn. Some serious pouting going on here. 


    Typical errand running outfit when I don’t give a damn. 


    Office wear SS2013. I call this “ballerina/librarian chic” — I’ve had all my Ferragamos soled, re-soled, and re-heeled because I wear them so often at the office.  Super comfy, super chic, and well worth the investment. If you ever make it to Florence, Italy, you can pick up as many pairs as your heart desires for only $180-$200 USD at The Mall


    Maxi dresses, my go-to when I’m feeling short or don’t feel like shaving my legs. I got this in a size 10 because it was the only one left. Don’t feel like you have to always fit into a size 00. Sometimes it’s nice to swim in your outfits.  


    Blunt bangs. This is the photo I sent to the girls when I chopped my bangs. I received a LOT of mixed reviews.  The guys HATED it — “nice haircut, Lan….make sure you grow that shit out” whereas a handful of my gfs loved it. I sported them for a whole 2 weeks before they grew out again. Bye bye bangs. 


    Office attire. I love pencil skirts, especially pencil skirts with POCKETS.


    Office attire. Silk floral pants to mix it up a bit. 


    Office attire. A Helmut Lang sheath. (Sucking it in real hard here)


    Saturday luncheon in 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target. I know, I’m always sporting a bun. 


    Friday night dinner date. Who doesn’t love a mid-calf length skirt with POCKETS and a faux fur snood? 


    I also experimented with makeup this year.  Here are some makeup trials that were sent to the girls:


    I call this “fobby as fugg” which involves making my eyes as big as humanly possible and finishing with a glossy pink lip. Thanks for the faux lashes, Sam/Grace! 


    Glam and girly with a berry lip. 


    Smokey eyes. It took me SEVERAL rounds of washing to get all this makeup off. Also, I <3 crest whitestrips. Just got done with another pack the other day. 


    1) I will cook at home once a week (this may include pouring cereal and soymilk into a bowl, but it’s better than ordering in/eating out) if I’m not on the road 7 days a week. 

    2) I will take fewer cabs (unless I’m able to expense them).

    3) I will save more.  

    3) I will clean out my closet and donate shit I don’t need to make space for more shit I don’t need. 

    4) I will call my parents just because. 

    5) I will not binge watch TV series unless I’m sick or at home on the farm. 

    6) I will be more patient and understanding. 


  2. Take that! And that! (“Hitting” the gym)

    Yikes, it’s been a month since I’ve last updated… mahh bad.

    Anyway, I wanted to share something with you guys that I shared with my gfs earlier this week.  As part of my new years resolution (“get hot or die tryin”) my sister and I decided to workout daily or twice daily.  It’s been 3 months and we’re still going strong.  This is more of a lifestyle change than a resolution as I’m hoping it will stick.  I’ll revisit this a year from today to let you know if I’ve become morbidly obese or actually stuck with it. 

    So, we currently have a gym membership at NYSC across the street from where we live.  We use the gym quite frequently and attend some of the classes (Zumba, Total Body Conditioning, Vinyasa Yoga) offered there as well.  We also run along the West Side Highway to take our workout outdoors. 

    About a month ago our good friend Manisha, who is big on working out too, told us to try Doonya (bollywood dance and fitness nonsense).  After weeks of telling us about the Doonya class, a bunch of us (guys and girls) decided to join her.


    Thoughts on Doonya - super fun, great workout, sweating up a storm. The music was sooooooooo good. It had more of a hip hop/dance sound to it than your traditional bollywood music. I highly recommend the class run by Rohan on Saturdays. He’s a great instructor, dresses well, and has a nice voice.  The class is $25/session (I think?) or $150/month unlimited. Of course, I said “f that sh*t! I ain’t paying when I have a gym membership” so Manisha told us to try Classtivity. Her good friend started it and it’s available in select cities.


    Classtivity is similar to OpenTable where you can review classes and reserve it for a specific time (as classes are limited in size).  My sister and I bought the Classtivity passport which gives you 10 classes for $49 (a steal!).  The catch?  You can only try a class ONCE.  The idea is that if you love a certain class, you may want to sign up for it monthly or whaterver going forward.  Doonya is a class offered as part of Classtivity. There are other classes that we’ve tried (Uplift, Ballet, Aerial Yoga, Broadway Cardio, etc) that are usually $25-$40/session, but as part of the “passport” we got to try it for less than $5!!  That’s less than a Big Mac meal (incl taxes)!!  Classes take place at various studios in the city.

    If you want to give it a go, click here to sign up for the Classtivity passport.  Unfortunately, the passport is only available in NYC but Classtivity itself is offered in various cities. 

    I feel like I’m selling you guys hard on this.  Haha.  I’m really not…it has just been somewhat life changing and I feel grrrrrrrrreat so wanted to share it with you.  However, I’ve never been so bruised and banged up in my life.  But these damn endorphins from the workouts are great…I’m so freakin happy lately.

    Here are my thoughts on some of the classes I’ve taken with the Classtivity passport:

    1. Doonya - Super fun and easy to follow.  Rohan, Kajal, and Priya are the instructors I recommend, though all are pretty good.  Classtivity will show who the instructor is when you reserve it.  You can go barefoot, wear socks, or gym shoes.

    2. Kettlebell Kickboxing - Honestly, too effing hardcore.  My sister puked after the class and I wasn’t really able to walk for a day.  Lol.  Great if you’re up for a challenge.


    3. Broadway Cardio - AMAZZZZZZZZZING if you are into Broadway music.  Sweated my ass off, learned dance moves, did a lot of stretching and aerobic exercises to awesome music.  Who doesn’t love to stretch to Rent’s “Seasons of Love”??  The instructor is super nice.  My sister and I were cheesing the entire time during class.  Such a happy and fun class.


    4. Uplift - Strength/Cardio - Tabata (interval) style workouts.  Effing hardcore but you totally feel the burn and you feel great when you leave. Only 4 to a class which is nice b/c you get that special attention.  The Uplift studio is on 23rd st and is a females only studio.  Probably one of the nicest studios I’ve been to in the city.  I love this type of workout. Total body conditioning.


    5. Ballet for Beginners - I suck at ballet.  I landed on my left pinky toe while doing a jump and was limping for half a day.  These betches were NOT beginners.  They were pretty good.  Wear ballet shoes or just socks (most of them wear ballet shoes and are in ballet gear).  My sister came out of the class saying “Some of these girls aren’t even good and are only here so they can dress up in ballet gear.”  Word.


    6. Aerial Yoga - Cirque du Soleil shit.  “Anti-gravity” yoga using aerial silks.   My sister was doing the swinging move and swung into the studio wall and broke the outlet plate fixture.  Lol.  We hung upside down for awhile and I experienced a bit of motion sickness.  It’s amazing what your body can do.  I felt nauseous for hours after the class and lost my appetite for several hours, but felt great in the morning.  Give it a go if you haven’t already.  I’m so proud of us for doing this.  I love how at the end of all yoga sessions they tell you to “thank your body” — Well “THANK YOU, LAN! THANK YOU!” *patting myself on the back*


    (We actually did this move.  I had to ask the instructor to hand me my leg b/c I couldn’t reach. Haha)

    7. Pole Dancing for Beginners - The only workout class where they encourage you to wear makeup and leave your hair down.  No joke.  This class was held at Body and Pole.  I’m sure some of you have done this before but damn, my sister and I got OWNED in this class.  The pole was not our friend.  Our shins and knees are sooo bruised.  I happened to know the hot instructor!  Most random thing ever as we both went to college together.  She’s this super cute Filipino girl with so much sex appeal.  Imagine doing this workout in heels!  I have a newfound respect for strippers. RESPECT *pounds fist to chest*


    8. COREdio Dance Party - Where Zumba meets Pilates..sorta.  The music was soooooooooo old.  I’m talking “Rockin’ Robin” and “Shout” old.  They did have a bit of old school Britney Spears which I appreciated.  It was fun but my sister and I wish it was a bit more challenging. 

    We have just 2 more classes left until our passport expires.  Ahhh…I’m going to miss it, but this will give me the opportunity to try out the other classes at NYSC that I’ve been meaning to try for quite some time now. 

    I do have one more review that’s not included as part of the Classtivity passport.

    Soulcycle - I’ve never been the spinning type as my ass hurts from sitting on a bike for too long.  A gf asked me the other day if I’ve ever done Soulcycle and I told her “no, my ass hurts from sitting on a bike for too long.”  Haha.  However, last night, my friend Meredith wasn’t able to make it to her Soulcycle class which she reserved ahead of time and gave me her reservation.  Mere, thanks for bike #50!  I heard that celebs are often times spotted at Soulcycle so of course I showed up with a cute bun and light makeup just in case (you never know! haha).  Dude, this workout was intense.  They work your entire body - legs, ass, arms, abs, etc.  The music was AMAZZZZZING.  I was telling the girls “I want Soulcycle to dj at my wedding!”  (Note: I am not getting married anytime soon).  When I arrived at the studio, I checked in and rented shoes as certain shoes are required to clip into the bike.  They also give you SmartWater.  Fancy.  I brought my own water.  Anyway, the studio resembles a club.  If I weren’t clipped into the bike, I would’ve walked over to the instructor platform to dance.  Never sweated so much in my life.  Felt great coming out of the class and went home to look up the Soulcycle soundtrack.  I say it’s worth the investment if you’re into spinning in a badass club-like environment. 



    Honestly, 5 days of juice cleansing will “skinny” you out and get you ready for a big event (I still LOVE cleansing by the way) but there’s something to be said about this eat healthy/workout bullshit. You just feel good all the time.

    Cheers to working out for vanity, not sanity!! Jk. 

    Have a happy and healthy year folks!


  3. Back by popular demand!

    Hello again! Hope you all had a wonderful start to 2013. For me, it has already been such a longggggggggggggg year (I know, it’s only February).

    Since it has been awhile since I’ve last updated the blog, I’ll spoil you with a super long post.  Here are some outfits I’ve been sporting in and out of the workplace (mainly in the workplace). Enjoy!


    Top: Equipment via Saks / Pleather Pants: Zara / Cap-toe Heels: Classiques Entiier via Nordies / Clutch: YSL Chyc Clutch via Saks (Originally, this shade was sold out at Saks so I visited 15 YSL stores across the US and in Europe and went to several department stores and almost gave up but went back to Saks and they miraculously had one more left — it was mine!)


    Maxi: Can’t remember the label but purchased at Lord & Taylor / Scarf: H&M / Knee-High Boots: Prada


    Cardigan: Gap / Tank: Old Navy / Maxi Skirt: Tibi / Booties: Rag & Bone / Scarf: H&M


    Top: Equipment / Maxi Skirt: The Limited (random buy! I love it) / Studded Kitten Heels: Ferragamo / Scarf: H&M


    Sweater: F21 / Skirt: Loehmanns? (super old) / Boots: Rag & Bone)


    Maxi Sweater Dress: Alice + Olivia / Blouse: Theory / Leopard Belt: Michael Kors / Booties: Alexander Wang (this dress makes me look 7’ tall but it’s so thick it makes me look thick. boo)


    Top: Equipment / Pants: Joie / Heels: Prada


    Sweater: Baby sister’s closet / Skirt: F21


    Chambray Dress: Club Monaco / Scarf: H&M / Booties: Alexander Wang


    Top and Shoes: Joe Fresh / Pants: Zara (This was the morning after I experienced food poisoning, hence the glasses)


    Dress: James Perse / Cardigan: Gap / Watch: Michael Kors / Nude Heels: Ferragamo


    Peter Pan Blouse: Gap / Pants: Zara / Heels: Aldo / Watch: Burberry

    Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely weekend!  I’m off to get my birthday gift.  Can’t wait to show you!


  4. Holiday Getup

    Weekend Holiday Potluck/Gift Exchange Party Outfit

    Maxi Skirt: Baby Sister’s Closet / Top: Old Navy / Purse: Chloe / Booties: Rag & Bone….Hmmm, if I had some time, I would take the sleeves in on this top to give it a better fit.

    Work Holiday Party Outfit (worn to the office during the day and swapped the scarf out for a long chain necklace at the party)

    "Dress": Maxi Skirt (same as above from Baby Sister’s closet) worn as a dress / Belt: Michael Kors / Heels: Classiques Entier via Nordstrom / Scarf: Grand Bazaar Istanbul / Cropped Jacket: Bloomingdales

    Another day at the Office

    Top: New York & Company (super old) / Striped Sweater: H&M / Cropped Pants: Theory / Heels: Classiques Entier via Nordstrom

    Just wanted to share a few looks from the last two weeks.  Heading to the farm on Friday to see the fam.  Will be ringing in 2013 in the Big Apple.  CAN’T WAIT!

    Wishing you a safe and happy holiday!


  5. With the furrrr….



    (First two photos) Jacket: ASOS (saw it on GaryPepper’s blog and instantly fell in love!) / Baby Bag used as a Laptop Bag: Rebecca Minkoff / Burgundy Cords: GAP (Last two photos) Ankle Boots: Alexander Wang

    Here are some poor quality photos before I head out the door.  I’m loving this jacket!  It’s not that thick so I’m able to layer on as much as I want underneath.  I’m all about the outwear and footwear these days. 

    Have a great weekend!


  6. Granny wear and nude hosiery



    Blouse: Aritzia / Skirt: Talbots (great for work work and chic grannies! haha) / Heels: Ferragamo / Jacket: baby sister’s closet (via H&M)

    As the temps begin to drop, the layers (and pounds) start to pile on.  Damn the chicken pot pie from Tea and Sympathy is mothereffin goooood!  Anyway, tis the season for tights/hosiery/pantyhose (what do you call it?) at the office!  I typically wear black opaque or black sheer hosiery to work since it’s too cold to let my legs go bare (unless I’m straight hoein or in a gown, in which case I think it’s fine to go bare legged).  As much as I love wearing my black hosiery and pairing it with my booties, some work outfits just look SO MUCH better with a bare leg.  My work outfit from last week looks so prim and proper with the sheer tights IMHO. That day, I decided to take a cue from my girl Kate, you know, Kate Middleton, and grannies all over the world and put on the nude hosiery. 


    (I think she’s going bare in the first photo)


    Sheer Pantyhose in the hizzouse!

    My only issue with nude hosiery is that it’s so hard to get the RIGHT shade/sheen.  I want it to look like I’m not wearing anything at all, but sometimes the subtle shimmer looks nice right?  What do you think?  Too grandma-esque or oh so Duchess-like?

    I think the Rockettes got it right.  It’s the perfect shade/sheen!  I ran a search and it seems that a lot of sites recommend Wolford or Pretty Polly Italia (which you can purchase here) for sheer tights.  I’ll give it a go and report back!


    Rockettes and their PERFECT shade of nude pantyhose


  7. Unseasonably Warm

    Blouse: Theory / Dress: Theory / Wedge Ankle Boots: Alexander Wang / Trench: Burberry

    Pleasant temps (50s-60s) this week in December so the sleeping-bag-like down coat is staying in the closet and the trench is coming back out (and so is the pouf! haha)! I’m trying to rework the work wardrobe by just wearing blouses underneath my sheaths rather than throwing on a cardigan (I barely have any cardigans) and switching up the hosiery every now and then.  These boots were the best investment ever.  I’ve been wearing them quite frequently to the office and they’re so chic and comfy IMHO.

    Anyway, HAPPY MONDAY!


  8. Wardrobe Staples

    Lookbook featured on Shopbop

    Rag & Bone Kinsey Boots, another purchase I made on Black Friday from Shopbop here. They’re out of the black, but you can get them here at Saks.  I’m on an ankle boot high these days.

    I love everything about this lookbook.  I think it’s how I dress. Hahaha, jk.  I wish!  If only I had homegirl’s thighs and cheekbones, damn biaaa.  But seriously, I think this is how a lady my age should dress.  Okay okay, you can’t wear leather pants to work (at least not where I work), but the crisp buttoned up blouse, relaxed striped sweater, chic semi-rugged boots, and tailored jacket are oh so hip and cool!  I don’t really own any bucket bags, but I’m sure one of my leather bags or the oversized leather clutch in the back of my closet would pair well with this outfit.  The bun ties this look together quite nicely right?

    As mentioned in many of my previous posts, you don’t have to look like a slutty slut to be sexy, especially not when it’s this cold outside.  I love being covered up from head to toe.  Less is definitely more ya’ll. 

    If you’re curious about the rest of my Black Friday purchases, they were all a bust.  Looking forward to sending almost everything back….


  9. Booties Booties Booties Booties Rockin Everywhere

    Alexander Wang Leather Wedge Ankle Boots on sale at Net-A-Porter here

    I’d like to introduce you to my latest acquisition.  Black Friday was a damn good Friday.  Cyber Monday was even better.  Let’s hope I can make rent next month.  Anyway, I’ve been looking for a comfy, sleek, classy pair of booties/ankle boots that can be worn both in and out of the office.  I saw these and fell in love.  They arrived yesterday (Net-A-Porter packages everything up so pretty!) and it felt like Christmas when I opened up the package.  KEKEKEKE.  There was something else that came in the package too but I’ll save that for another post. 


  10. Making up for lost time

    To my 92 loyal readers, I haven’t forgotten about you.  In fact, I’m so honored and touched that you still drop by given my lack of updates.  

    These past few months have been incredibly busy.  Friends and family have gotten engaged, married, or have given birth.  Babies have gotten baptized, NYC got hit by that mothereffin b*tch Sandy, and Halloween and Thanksgiving have come and gone. 

    I’ve been traveling quite a bit, both within and outside the US, and I have to say, Gaelic is the oddest most bizarre language EVER (I’ll explain later).  Anyway, I finally returned from my travels a week ago and I think I’m done traveling for the year. 

    For more frequent updates on what I’m wearing, eating, and buying, follow me on Instagram @plhoang

    Here are some of my most memorable moments, outfits, and purchases since September.  Enjoy!

    Attending YinYin and Jose’s black tie wedding in Beverly Hills @ Greystone Mansion.  A is wearing a beautiful mint Marchesa gown and I’m in a navy satin/crepe Mikael Aghal gown (handpicked by the bride herself!).  You can still get my dress here via theoutnet.  A and I only tripped over our gowns 17 times which is pretty good.

    Wearing a print silk Tibi gown @ Charlie and Sue’s wedding in Nashville with my good friend Mark. 

    And here’s Olivia Palermo in the same dress!  I <3 her.

    Probably the best purchase of 2012.  DAMN GOOD and damn spicy!

    In a one shoulder sequins Adrianna Papell gown via Bloomies here at Thuy and Alex’s wedding in Rome.

    Walking around Rome in the most comfortable booties evaaaaa. Get them here on sale via Shopbop.  I just recently went on a Rag & Bone binge on Black Friday.

    Sporting a red leather (is it leather? I don’t remember) jacket in Florence while out to dinner via Urban Outfitters.

    Drunk in Tuscany wearing an Equipment top and Prada bag.  Get it in white here, on sale at Nordies!

    Hands down the best outlet shopping experience of my life @ The Mall just outside of Florence. 

    Raining cats and dogs in Venice in my trusty rubber Fendi flats.

    Thanksgiving 2012 in a vegan leather skirt by Tinley Road via Piperlime here and an $8 cable knit sweater I bought from Old Navy last year (worn for the first time just this past Thursday). Yay me for finding it in my cluttered closet!

    December will be dedicated to buyer’s remorse and/or returning items that were more on the “nice to have” vs. “absolutely need” list.  However, I can argue that most if not all the buys are an absolute need :o)  Can’t wait for the mail to arrive in the next few weeks!

    Thanks for dropping by and happy holidays!